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Prank victims enjoying a beautiful, sunny day at the beach are asked to take a picture of a hot girl in a bikini. While the amateur photographers are setting up their shot, a huge parachute lands on them.

Got some sweet revenge on Jeana. I tied a creepy ghost to our ceiling fan and turned it on. It looked like a ghost was flying around the room.

Construction worker is lifting a huge, heavy block of cement when he accidentally drops it onto his partner, crushing him into a flattened pancake right in front of horrified prank victims.

This prank is obviously fake, everyone knows pretty girls don't fart, nor do they poop for that matter.

The fat man from Monty Python's Meaning Of Life is so happy to be going to the restaurant he rolls all the way there. Wafer thin!

Blind man buys an apple with a huge worm in it and eats it with enthusiasm in front of some very disgusted people.

People are asked to fetch a file from a filing cabinet, but when they open it, they find a rather morbid surprise!

Outdoor garage sale features a beautiful closet for the bargain price of only 50 bucks - a cow's head comes included!

Fake mall echograpy pranksters discovers all these women are pregnant with twins! A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags

Victims are hereby ordered to scratch this policeman's sexy, hairy, sweaty back... only to discover he's wearing a beautifully sensual bra.

Juicers are a healthy and simple way to consume your fruits and vegetables! However, when they malfunction, they can cause a huge mess on your face! Ewww!

The police have a new weapon to stop law breakers - a huge ass rocket launcher! It makes stuff explode in a huge ball of fire, and the cops are not scared to use it!

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