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Have you tried any of these on your frends?

Peeping tom spies on unsuspecting ladies in the park through his binoculars. He asks perverted men walking by if they'd like to take a look at a hot woman in a bikini sunbathing in the park.

A hot redhead has a dress zipper stuck open and needs some help from some decidedly non-perverted guys.

Hot girls with hotter cars in the mud....priceless :)

Here is how to park when there is not enough space :)

I admire these guys videos and iv wanted to do this for a while! Just a collection of my favorite videos from the Slo Mo Guys channel

African soldiers make a big mistake..check this!

People are awesome, must watch this! Get motivated from what people are capable of!

Denis gets knocked flat on his ass, all because of your super strength! Betcha didn't know you had it in you.

Hey! Hands of the merchandise! These chickens work HARD to maintain their bods post-mortem.

After pink haired mobsters, this time we go to a ladies hair salon and get all their wives too! Pink, blue and yellow hair galore!

These bocce players crouch down and freeze up when they hear a huge rip coming from behind them -- was it their pants, or is somebody pulling a prank on them?

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