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A group of hot cheerleaders try to hitch a ride with some random men who can't believe their luck. Unfortunately, a too cool for school bro shows up in his totally rad green convertible and lures the sexy girls away.

Hot man with a fancy car walks in slow motion right by some hot girls. He looks them straight in the eye and smiles, instantly seducing these woman who are about to fall in love with this incredible hunk - until he releases a magnificent BURP!

How much perseverance it takes to be a figure skater! Respect!

If you know someone like that man, tag it here :)

In our Instant Accomplice gags, we recruit strangers to help them play a prank on their loved ones! A beautiful woman passes by, and these guys are more than willing to hold the door open for her.

Out on a romantic dinner with their boyfriends, these women decide to prank them by letting out the the most disgusting farts ever! The boyfriends are both surprised and disgusted!

It's a Valentine's Day dream come true... NOT! Two lovebirds are having lunch when, all of a sudden, the boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend! However, the whole thing goes horribly wrong...

Have a hot valentine's date coming up? Better watch out - that girl you've been courting might not be a girl after all...

LOL This guy found out his girlfriend was cheating, kept it quiet and waited until valentines day! Then got her this 'surprise' present!! (MUST WATCH)

A hot girl falls asleep on people sitting on a bench.

When a very hot lady drops 100$ on the sidewalk, some very nice men pick it up and want to give it back to the woman

An incredible and practical way of folding a teeshirt in less than 5 seconds! Using this method the best folders can do it in 3 seconds!

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